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To the Nations Worldwide Travel eCourses

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eCourses for Travelers

All of our To the Nations Worldwide eCourses apply directly to traveling. They seek to improve your travel experience through planning, execution, documenting, and providing you with ways you can make traveling a lifestyle.

To the Nations Worldwide eCourses will include:

  • Engaging content and advice that you can immediately put into practice.
  • Testing of your knowledge with short lesson quizzes.
  • Assignments that will be personally graded with detailed feedback provided by your instructor.
  • One-on-one time with your instructor via email, skype, messaging, and other possible communication networks.
  • Group networking and sharing with other students.
  • Access to the To the Nations Worldwide network.
  • Entry into travel contests.
  • And much more…

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To the Nations Worldwide Philosophy

We believe that learning is primarily about absorbing information through practice. Though quizzes are present throughout our curriculum, it is a minor part of our courses. The major aspect we focus on is the application of what you are learning. That is why regular assignments are assigned to participants. These assignments are graded personally by the instructor, and detailed feedback is provided. Nothing is more important than this one-on-one time between the student and teacher. Be prepared to be challenged.

In addition to our philosophy concerning our eCourses, we also believe in giving back to the worldwide community. Combined with everything traveling, education has always been our passion. That is why 10% of every sale gets used towards Education Worldwide. Learn more about Education Worldwide and how you can become an active member.

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