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Beginning Your Journey…

Your first step into the world of photography can be overwhelming. More than 10 years ago I found myself scratching my head about exactly what equipment I needed and how to use it. When I did finally begin to snap some quality photographs, I was lost about how to show the world my work to gain exposure.

This course helps by alleviating these pain points from choosing the equipment that works for your travels, to composing your shot, and gaining exposure online with your photographs. With step-by-step tutorials, comprehensive assignments, an engaging community, and an experienced instructor available to you, this course will prepare you for the world of travel photography and your next journey.

We begin our journey in week one by learning which equipment is right for you and how to use it. Learn the pros and cons of different cameras and choose which camera is right for you. Already have a camera? Consider building your collection or learn about the limitations of your current equipment. Speak directly with me and discover a camera that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Then, we get to the fun stuff. In weeks two to five, we learn how to compose a shot, what to look for before you frame a shot, how to adjust your settings, and how to take that perfect photograph. This is the bulk of the course. Through immersive assignments and an engaging community, you will learn how to perfect your art form. Work with me directly to improve your photographs and engage with your fellow students to gain feedback. This is the power of a community that is working towards the same goal.

We conclude this course with a final week that includes ways to promote your photography. Whether you want to build a following on social media or create your own website for your photographs to gain exposure, we will get you pointed in the right direction.

What you will gain from this course:

An understanding of your camera equipment and settings, knowledge of aperture, ISO, shutter speed, composition, perspective, focus, lighting, histograms, white balance, long exposure, and much more.
One-on-one time with a knowledgeable photographer that will help you through choosing your equipment, learning techniques, providing you quality feedback on assignments, and being available to you throughout the duration of the course and beyond.

Access to an exclusive group of To the Nations Worldwide for Travel Photographers Alumni that will continuously be there to provide feedback on your photography.

Weekly live webinars to review content and answer any questions.

Promotion of your photography through our various online channels.

Why you should join:

You are ready for a challenge and to kick start your learning experience to become a travel photographer.
Access to information about photography, an instructor, and a community of engaged travel photographers that are all here for the same reason you are.

Why you should not join:

If you are not ready for a six week commitment to this course, it may not be for you. It is not necessary to drop what you are doing for the next six weeks to complete the course, but you should be willing to commit some time each week towards this course.
If you are an intermediate to experienced photographer, this course may not be for you. Please stay tuned for a future course directed towards your skill level.

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  • Camera Equipment 

    • What is Travel Photography?
    • Choosing Your Camera
    • Choosing Your Accessories
  • The Basics 

    • Knowing Your Equipment
    • Photography Lingo
    • Using Your Equipment
  • The Exposure Triangle and Composition 

    • The Exposure Triangle
    • Composition
  • Improving Your Photographs 

    • Lighting and Colour
    • Shapes and Patterns
    • Perspective
  • Perfecting Your Photographs 

    • Long Exposure
    • Post-Processing
  • What Next? 

    • Creating a Website
    • Sharing on Social Media
    • Leveraging a Community
    • Continuing Your Photography

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